We are HLCA.

Led by a team of young professionals, HLCA is well-equipped to give you quality education and develop your English language skills to help you stay ahead in the modern world. We listen to our students and fine-tune our ESL programs according to their needs while making sure their stay in Cebu is as enjoyable and comfortable as it is productive. 

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Academic Team


Head Teacher

Teaching is one of the most rewarding careers that one can embark on. Teaching means preparing students for the world beyond school, fostering deep understandings of content areas, offering curriculum with both depth and breadth, and leading students to develop the disposition to want to achieve. To make a real difference in a student’s life, you have to be adept at reading people and figuring out their own unique preferences.


General English Teacher

Being a teacher takes a lot of patience and knowledge to provide quality teaching to my students. I do really enjoy teaching because it has always been my passion. It is very rewarding to see and hear my students improve with their English communication skills.


General/Medical English Teacher

We help students learn the English language in a manner which helps them in their daily lives especially in their workplaces. As teachers, we are dedicated on helping with the growth and development of the students with their English language.


General/Medical English Teacher

The goal is not just to know but to learn; not just to understand but to appreciate; not just to enrich but to grow.


General English Teacher

To teach English is a passion to educate and eradicate ignorance regardless of age, race, and nationality. Sharing my knowledge about the English language is one of my greatest desires. Going beyond just the language itself, I’ve always wanted to help students achieve their dreams and succeed.


General/Medical English Teacher

Teaching is an open communication between the student and the teacher. Both of them share ideas and they learn from each other. Teaching is not only about the lessons you share but also the friendships you build with different people.